"Nie podążaj tam, gdzie wiedzie ścieżka. Zamiast tego pójdź tam, gdzie jej nie ma i wytycz szlak" Ralph Waldo Emerson

Świat jest zbyt wielki, aby wciąż tkwić w jednym miejscu

Lepiej zobaczyć coś raz, niż słyszeć o tym tysiąc razy


Our programmes motivate to action, unlock potential, and breathe a new life into the participants.

Our travel agendas are so designed as to enable the guests to relax and feel special in every corner of the world – just be here and now. They free themselves to be exposed to the local aroma and climate, have a hands-on experience with the local customs and get off the beaten track – which would not be possible when travelling with other operators and regular travel agencies. We want our guests to enjoy the charm of the place and think, "I wish this moment would last forever..."; we want them to forget their Wi-Fi and mobile phones and make the best of the attractions designed by Dream Poland, so that their memories and unique experience would spur them on to perform even more efficiently at work.

We can find a balance between activity and rest, adrenaline and blissful relaxation. Aware of the fact that everyone likes to take a break and do it differently, we try to create programmes and build up excitation among the travellers in such a way that the time spent together will always be an amazing experience combining rest and entertainment.

We take care to deliver the best quality service. Prior to each project, we perform an in-depth review of the client's expectations.  We give advice on how to design a safe and interesting programme that will be attractive for the participants and will live up to the client's requirements while not blowing the company's budget.

  • We are officially registered with the Register of Tour Operators and Tourism Intermediaries.
  • Our team are trained in the business, speak foreign languages and perfectly know the destinations.
  • We offer orientation trips if the Client wishes to inspect the hotels and other services covered by the project.
  • Our partners are established businesses exhibiting extensive experience in the industry and offering adequate infrastructure and top quality resources.