Magda Pilszak
Executive Director

She boasts 8 years of experience in Human Resources Management. She worked for multinationals in Poland and the UK. Despite working her way up as an HR expert successfully, she decided to make her dreams come true and go for travelling, her genuine passion.  In 2008 she founded Limes Consulting Poland. On top of various HR consulting projects, the company has also started to offer a portfolio of MICE services.

Magda likes to get her adrenaline flowing; does off-road in all parts of the world; rafts and swims with dolphins. She hates boredom and routine. She loves when there is a lot going on around her. She can perfectly cope with the unpredicted while keeping cool-headed and composed.

She is an optimist and always sees the glass half-full; loves to explore new places and customs. She does not fear to go to the back of beyond.

She jumps at the craziest projects and seeks to explore every destination like no one before. With Magda on board, the projects are absolutely unique and guarantee an unforgettable experience.

She works with both large multinationals and family businesses. She can perfectly identify the client's needs and tailor the programme to their expectations and available resources.

Privately, she is a happy mother who has been enthusing her children with the love of travel ever since their early days. She has been to almost 40 countries. When she is relatively free, she looks for inspiration to design new and unique MICE programmes as well as taking photographs and baking.


Natasza Kondracka
Sales & Marketing Manager

An experienced marketing and sales professional. She has 15 years of experience in sales as well as creating various events.
She is full of ideas. The slogan that best describes her character is “I deal with the impossible straight away, but miracles need two days”. She says nothing is impossible.  She loves challenges and can adapt to really restrictive requirements from customers. How she does that will remain her secret.
She loves animals, travelling and in her free time she explores different corners of the World. Chocolate is her weakness: )